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Public Skating General Rules and Guidelines

  • Respect and be courtesy to all staff, volunteers and patrons of the arena. 
  • Masks are a welcome option to wear while in the facility and during public skating.
  • All participants must wear skates on the ice. No shoes, boots or ice cleats permitted.
  • Helmets recommended for all skaters. Highly recommended for all new skaters of any age. Sport the right gear – bicycle helmets are not designed for ice sports and are not permitted on the ice.
  • CSA approved hockey helmet or snowboard helmet is mandatory for participants 12 years and younger.
  • No food or drinks on ice at any time.
  • Circular/lap skating only. Please follow Ice Patrol Staff for directional changes.
  • Reckless or aggressive skating is NOT permitted.
  • Skating backwards and figure skating is not permitted.
  • No loitering on the ice or hindering the flow of traffic on the ice.
  • No sitting on boards.
  • No carrying of infants or small children on the ice.
  • No Games on the ice. No hockey sticks or pucks are allowed during public skates.
  • Strollers/wheelchairs are permitted. Wheels must be cleaned before entering the ice. The patron supporting, must be wearing ice skates and a helmet.
  • Limited skating aids available and must be shared. Please check in with the skate staff.
  • Headphones – subject to staff discretion. If safety is a concern, you will be asked to remove the headphones or leave the ice.
  • Texting on the ice is not allowed.
  • Photo or video of others is not permitted.
  • Stick  & Puck sessions require you to bring your own stick and puck(s). CSA-approved hockey helmets with cages are mandatory for those 18 and younger. Please check in and pay at the office in the lobby.

Arena staff have the authority to refuse admittance to anyone who violates these rules or who interferes with the safety or enjoyment of other skaters.